Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 – Electric Shredder

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 - Electric Shredder

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200

Judging by the Amazon reviews the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 is just about the most popular Electric Garden Shredder in the UK.  It has received over 120 customer reviews with 90% plus being positive – that’s more reviews than all the other shredders sold on Amazon put together.  As one of the reviews puts it – “This Machine is the best one I have had”.

Quick update: The Bosch Rapid has now, 2015, received 480 reviews on Amazon.  It remains the most popular garden shredder in the UK after more than 8 years on sale.  It is a truly remarkable piece of kit.

A Which review in November 2007 claimed it was, “the most efficient garden shredder we have ever tested”.  For me the fact that this shredder has been on sale since 2007 is also a testament to its popularity and reliability.  If it wasn’t any good Bosch would have pulled it off sale long ago.

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So that’s it then?  With reviews like that there is no choice to make – the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 – Electric Shredder is the only one worth buying.

Not quite.

Let’s consider the good and the bad but first – some technical details.

Technical Details

  • Fitted with 2200 Watt Bosch ‘PowerDrive’ motor
  • Patented large capacity hopper for quick and easy feed
  • Practical plunger for increased material throughput
  • 40mm high precision laser-cut, twin edged blade, reversible for extended life
  • Exceptionally fast blade speed – 3650 rpm
  • Fitted with motor overload/restart protection
  • Lightweight with wheels for easy transportation
  • 2 years parts & labour guarantee
  • 90kg/h material throughout
  • 4 meters of cable
  • Weight 12kg

The Good

The AXT copes with a very wide range of garden waste.  Even pretty big branches, right up to the claimed 40mm upper limit, are efficiently chopped into 1mm chips ideal for composting.  We’ve fed it a mixed diet of laurel, leylandii, apple, bramble, elm, plum, beech, rose, holly and pyracantha.  Everything gets chopped up neatly and efficiently.  Even the thorny stuff like brambles, holly and the particularly vicious pyracantha are reduced to such small pieces that the thorns are no longer an issue and the shredded waste is safe to handle.

The blades spin so fast that blockages are few and far between.  It will happily run for a couple of hours pretty much continuously and the only time blockages came was when we fed it clusters of very leafy branches.  Luckily the blockages are easily cleared so you can continue your shredding pretty quickly.

Other users comment that the Bosch AXT Rapid will block more quickly as the blades become blunt.  Keeping the blades sharp is an obvious requirement for maintaining optimum shredding efficiency.  The reversible blades mean that you can be back up and running quickly even once the blade becomes blunt.  However, the blades are not meant to be re-sharpened and once you have reversed the blade it will need replacing at a cost of £15 to £20.

While ear defenders are recommended the machine is not overly noisy in operation.  You are not likely to be damaging your hearing even with reasonably long exposure.  Obviously it gets noisier while it is chopping wood.  You might like to consider a quieter model if you have particularly sensitive neighbours.

There’s practically no assembly to do so you will be up and running in next to no time.  Most users claim they have the shredder out of the box and in use within about 5 minutes.

One of the most common questions we are asked about garden shredders is “what power rating should I go for?”  As we mention on our home page – Garden Shredder Review – there are more factors at play than simply the power of the motor.  However, there is no doubt that this shredder is more than powerful enough, perhaps due to the 2200 Watt Bosch ‘PowerDrive’ motor, to cope with anything that you are likely to throw at it.  Even with pretty large branches being fed the shredder doesn’t slow down that noticeably.

While no lightweight the Bosch AXT Rapid is certainly lighter than many of its competitors (and almost 20kg lighter than it’s younger stable mate – the AXT 25D) so you can get it in and out of your car pretty easily if needed.

We’ve already mentioned that the Bosch AXT Rapid has been around for a while.  It was designed and constructed to last – a particular Bosch trait.  Where problems do occur Bosch’s customer service is second to none.  You really can’t go wrong.

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The not so good

About the only thing regularly criticised about this machine is some people complain about short blade life.  There are a minority of users that claim it is only fit for light duties and the blade will still go blunt far too quickly.

Looking after the blades is the key to getting good performance from any impact shredder.  You need to take care to avoid any abrasive material getting into the shredder (soil or small stones etc) as these will blunt the blades very quickly

The Bosch comes with “double sided, laser-cut precision blade delivers approximately 7 times more cutting power than conventional blade shredders”.  No idea what this means other than the double sided bit.  That means that you can turn the blades over and get twice the cutting life out of them.

When customers have complained to Bosch about any problems they all seem to have had their shredders replaced quickly and without question.  Bosch is renowned for their customer care.

Cable length is an umimpressive 4m.  For most practical purposes you are likely to need to use an extension lead.  Remember, that 2200W motor uses a fair bit of current.  You will need a heavy duty, 13amp fused, outdoor extension lead.  It’s a minor inconvenience but an inconvenience nevertheless.

Unlike the crusher style shredder the AXT 2200 doesn’t suck branches in – you need to feed them in by hand.  While this is not a major problem it can be a little slow and frustrating to use.  Conversely, impact shredders tend to be faster than crushers so what you lose on the time to feed you may well gain on the speed of shredding.

Bosch provides excellent customer service.  Complaints are dealt with quickly and several users comment on getting replacement models very quickly when they reported problems.

Should you buy it?

With the overwhelmingly positive reviews it would be difficult to advice anyone not to buy the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200.  The few quibbles are all around blades becoming blunt too quickly but there is some suggestion that Bosch had had a bad batch of blades which is now fully resolved.

Possibly the only questions are “Is your garden waste predominantly woody” and, “Do I want a quieter self feeding model?”  If so, take a look at our Bosch AXT 25 TC quiet shredder review.

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27 Responses to Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 – Electric Shredder

  1. richard says:

    i need to buy a shredder that will chop up allotment waste to put in a composter so to quicken up the composting process,im possibly looking for one with a worm drive as well as a blade so to push out the leafy material and not block it up any ideas

    • stargaze says:

      Sorry for the very late reply. As I have said somewhere else recently – electric shredders are primarily designed for woody waste. Impact or rotary shredders with high speed blades can cope pretty well with moderate amounts of leafy waste. They will still jam if you put in lots of green, leafy waste. The Bosch AXT 2200 rapid continues to be a best buy in this case.
      If you really want a shredder that can cope with woody and leafy waste the Bosch AXT 23TC is going to be a good buy. It will still jam if you are putting large quantities of green waste through.
      Worm drives seem to be a thing of the past. Great for chewing up wood but the troughs in the worm gear could clog easily and then be a real problem to clean.

  2. Albert Day says:

    I bought a Bosch2200 AXT rapid shredder from Amazon , delivered next day .. fine .. Assembled all Ok and is working but I cannot open the black inspection securing knob which had been tightened to the last by the Bosch people…obviously this machine has not been inspected by any quality control. I cannot fit the Allen key or oil parts ..inspect innards etc…I am loath to use violence on it …So I am not impressed at all with Bosch. I must have a ” Monday ” shredder….

    • stargaze says:

      Sorry to hear you have had problems Albert. I guess even Bosch can have an off day. One thing I do know is that if you contact Bosch customer service they will do all they can to help you.

  3. Maurice Watkins says:

    I am looking for a shredder that will cope with potato, broad bean and runner bean greenery and stalks, also garden waste, some small woody stalks from my herbacious garden. All waste to be hot composted in my rotary composter. I will probably only use it a couple of times a year.

  4. Neil says:

    My AXT 2200 operated well over about three seasons, but has now failed via a switch fault.

    The problem announced itself by the machine refusing to start if it was standing upright in its normal working stance: that is, nothing would happen when the large red control knob was turned to the Start position. I found, however, that it would start and run if it was tipped backwards through about 45°.

    That was then: this is now. Now the fault has developed further, so that although the machine appears to start when it’s tipped backwards, it runs for only a few seconds (well, say 10-15 seconds), regardless of whether it’s still being held in the backwardly tipped position or upright.

    It’s long out of warranty, so I shall presumably have to buy another shredder: not sure if it’ll be a Bosch, though.

    • stargaze says:

      Hi Neil,
      Thanks for your comment. It could still be worth a call to Bosch customer service even though your shredder is out of warranty. They always seem keen to help.
      As for buying another – non-Bosch – shredder – please do let me know what you decide on. When I started this site I wanted it to provide as broad and non-aligned set of objective reviews as possible. In addition to Bosch there were reviews on Ryobi and Draper machines. Over the years the only shredders that have stood the test of time are the Bosch’s though. The other reviews have been removed as I no longer considered the shredders worthy of appearing.
      Other manufacturers include Black and Decker, Flymo, Einhell, Makita, Wolf and Silverline.
      Good luck

  5. Colin Osborne says:

    I bought this machine 2 years ago but never used it until now as I have been working on the house rather than the garden. So I tried it (brand new) and found it would not switch On. after removing the cover (about 50 turns of a black knob to undo) I then found that Bosch supply the perfect tool to override the safety switch as the Allen Key provided fits perfectly down the hole to push a white switch lever allowing the motor to run without the guard in place (Great Safety feature) The switch plate should be operated by the stem of the screwed black knob, but this appears to be too short. After scewing the knob down very tightly, I managed to get the thinh to run but after feeding it for onlt a few minutes it stopped again. After opening it uo I noted that the blades were quite worn. And now I cant get it to start at all.
    Years ago I said I would never buy Black & Decker crap but from experience Bosch or Makita would be my choice. So do Makita make a decent garden shedder? Bosch can have this back, it don’t work.

    • stargaze says:

      Sorry to hear of your problems. There have been a couple of comments recently about poor build quality/engineering of Bosch Shredders. That’s definitely not been my experience – I am still using my 4 year old AXT 2200HP with no problems. It’s a bit battered but that is more because of the abuse I have given it – feeding fairly large branches with pretty big knots that jammed in the feeder – rather than any build quality issues.

      I am not sure that your ability to override the safety cut out is a valid complaint. The cut out clearly worked when you took the cover off. Sticking an allen key down the hole is a pretty deliberate act that you would only do at your own risk

      As has been mentioned a few times on this site, Bosch customer service is generally pretty responsive even for machines that are out of Warranty – give them a call. There has also been some comment that blades for rapid shredders have sometimes not lasted that long. Seems there may have been a bad batch of blaces and Bosch replaced these blades free of charge.

      Bosch Service Centre Robert Bosch Ltd.
      P.O. Box 98
      Broadwater Park
      Denham, Middlesex
      UB9 5HJ

      0844 736 0108

    • stargaze says:

      Oh, I should have also said I have no direct experience of Makita shredders. All I can say is that they make very good powered hand tools.

  6. James Halcro-Johnston says:

    Some very interesting comments on your website. Like Neil I bought an AXT 2200 three years ago and within a year it failed to start (though I didn’t try holding it at 45 degrees!). Nearest Bosch agent, Charlie’s at Newtown, were most helpful. Told me motor had burnt out & replaced it free of charge. One year later, now well out of warranty, same thing again, machine refused to start so took it to Charlie’s and again they had to replace the motor and again, generously, they charged me nothing. Now, another year later, again the same thing and I’m not sure whether to again take it back to Charlies (a 50 mile round trip) or just to throw it away. What’s wrong with Bosch motors ? Even when working, I have not been impressed by the performance. Your description of ‘efficiently chopping 1mm chips’ is not something that I have ever experienced. More normally the woody material comes out in long stringy lengths stripped of bark which is not much better for composting than the original material. But possibly this is a problem with the blade. I’m still using the original one, although several times resharpened.

    • stargaze says:

      Hi James,
      There certainly seems to be quite a number of people who have had motor problems with Bosch Rapid machines. Fortunately there are far more people who have had no problems with their machines over many years.
      Where I have come across poor shredding with rapid machines it’s usually for one of 2 reasons: motor problems (not spinning fast enough), or, blade sharpening. There were a batch of blades (3+ years ago now) that Bosch acknowledged were sub standard. They were too soft so blunted too quickly and couldn’t be effectively be sharpened. As rapid shredders rely on a high speed chopping action slow spinning or a blunt blade will seriously reduce the effectiveness.
      While I have no evidence to support the idea it is also possible that prolonged use of a shredder with a less than sharp blade could put additional stress on the motor (the motor is designed to operate at a continuous high RPM).
      Don’t give up on Bosch. I keep looking for a viable alternative but at the quality and price point I can find no current, viable competitor.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your comment.

      • James says:

        Many thanks – most useful comments. I’ll take your advice & take the AXT2200 back to Charlie’s for repair – and fit a new blade !

  7. Keith says:

    Is there a safety (reset) switch on the shredder. I recently bought a Bosch AXT 2200 Rapid Shredder from Argos. It worked very well the first time I used it. When I went to use it for the second time it will not start.

  8. Clive B says:

    After deliberating for days as to which to buy and previously using a well worn Alko shredder somewhat reluctantly decided on the Bosch AXT 2200. Very disappointed, will only shred the smallest branches, does not like dry material and the 40 mm max branch diameter is a joke, even 20 mms can cause problems. The blade was badly blunt and mishapened after 1 hours use and already have reversed it only to find the same for other side after equivalent period of use. I have used shredders for years and know how to treat with care and use correctly but this shredder just is not up to job and description of it’s supposed capabilities is quite frankly, a joke. Always trusted Bosch and used many of their products in the past with great success but this a real let down. I wish I had got the AXT 23 or 25 but these are twice the price and storage and size was a consideration.

    • stargaze says:

      For some reason I had completely missed your comment so I apologise that this reply is so outrageously late. A few other people had reported blades becoming blunt very quickly on the AXT 2200. It seems (and I have no direct corroboration of this) that there was a bad batch of blades produce in late 2013. I sincerely hope that you made your complaint directly to Bosch. Our experience suggests that they would have quickly sent you a replacement blade and that you, like most others who have encountered this problem, would return to effective, efficient shredding.

  9. Ian James says:

    Interesting comment that “More normally the woody material comes out in long stringy lengths stripped of bark which is not much better for composting than the original material. But possibly this is a problem with the blade. I’m still using the original one, although several times resharpened.”
    I would totally agree with this. If stuff goes in in long lengths, that’s exactly how it comes out – and quite often, not even the bark is stripped off. It seems that long small-diameter twigs can simply slide past the cutting blade without being touched. I have fitted new blades a couple of times; and resharpened many times; both (to the same extent, I would say) greatly improve overall shredding speed and reduce blockages, but neither make any impact on the long, small twig problem. If you want the output to go straight into compost then the only option is to cut it quite small (i.e. effectively shred it yourself by hand) before it goes in. All that said, it’s still the most effective domestic shredder (i.e. fastest and highest capacity) I’ve ever come across, except for shredding large (up to 1″ diameter) woody branches – for which my 25-year-old Bosch AXT worm-drive shredder is still completely unbeatable. The motor on my Rapid has just failed – but only after 5 years hard labour, so I’m not complaining about that – and will replace the motor myself (cost about £75 in the UK) – it’s an easy job.

  10. Ian James says:

    To update my comment 27th July: first thing I discovered after fitting the new motor, was that the old one had really slowed down – but over time I hadn’t noticed. With a new motor, it really flies! Also, after getting involved in the “long stringy lengths” discussion, and while it was dismantled to replace the motor, I examined the machine to see if I could find the reason. It’s fairly obvious – it’s because there was a big gap – about 7mm in my case – between the shredder blade mounting plate and the cutter plate – so any twigs thinner than 7mm could just fall straight through it. So, I experimented with changing the size of the bush on the drive shaft immediately underneath the mounting plate from a 3mm thickness to about 7mm, which then reduced the gap to about 3mm (main thing is to make sure there enough of the rectangular stub of the drive shaft still protruding to fit the mounting plate and blade securely and safely). The result is surprisingly good. There are still a few stringy lengths getting through, but they are now only a maximum of 3mm thick (usually more like 1-2mm); and generally they are considerably shorter than previously – even without doing any pre-cutting of material before shredding it; so I’ve now stopped doing that – which is saving me hours.
    I wondered whether there would be repercussions – such as an increase in blockages – but since making the modification I’ve run it for several hours, shredding mainly woody twigs, and I have had no blockages at all. It doesn’t run any hotter than before – if anything, there seems to be a better downdraft which helps clear shredded material through; so overall, an excellent result!

    • stargaze says:

      Hi Ian,
      That is brilliant news. Like yours, my Shredder is now showing signs of age and abuse (all of us try to put too much or too thick branches through I am sure). It is really good to hear that old shredders can be given a new lease of life.

  11. bruce says:

    The blade on my rapid shredder appears to be slightly out of alignment. The consequence being that it clogs up almost instantly. Is this something you have come across before?

  12. Adrian says:

    I purchased my AXT2200 just over three years ago and last year it also juddered to a halt, never to start again, literally moments after the 2 year warranty had expired! I tried to take it apart to see if I could fix the problem, I presume it is the override switch, but found that 2 of the 6 screws were stripped. When I had bought it I had never manage to extract the four metre cable length as it was jammed inside… Overall, it has been a disappoint ing use of 200 euro…

    • stargaze says:

      Hi Adrian,
      Really sorry to hear you have had such problems. Thankfully I don’t hear too much about faulty Bosch shredders.

  13. gardener says:

    Interesting website! MY 4 year old AXT 2000 died at the weekend, and I decided to get a new one ( a 2200)- delivered today!

    Interested to note the cost of a new motor @£75. I guessed that the cost of a repair would be uneconomic – never mind collect and deliver. Didn’t check continuity on the motor, because of the difficulty of disconnecting the wiring, but definitely 240 volts going in. But like the customer above, the was no smell or even an in-service failure – just didn’t start!

    • stargaze says:

      Hi Chris,
      There have been several people comment on changing the motors of their shredders. Apparently it is not a difficult thing to do on the AXT 2000.

  14. grampi says:

    hi . my atx 2200 shredder will start then run for just 4 seconds then stop .help

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