Bosch AXT 23TC Review

Bosch AXT 25TC Review

Bosch AXT 23TC - Electric Garden Shredder

The Bosch AXT 25TC boasts 2500W.  If you have read our reviews of impact and quiet shredders you will know that impact shredders are best for softer green waste but will stall if presented with larger pieces of dry, woody waste.  Quiet or crusher style shredders are excellent for crunching up woody waste but can become blocked by too much green waste.

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The Bosch 23TC and 25TC employ different shredding cutters from either impact or quiet models.  Bosch calls it the Turbine Cutting system though what it has got to do with turbines escapes me.  The cutter more resembles a drum assembly with 8 blades acting as the sides of the drum.  Bosch AXT 23TC - Turbine CutterThe mechanism is something akin to a cylinder cut lawnmower. As the cutter rotates the blades trap the cuttings against the side plate then cut and crush the waste which then drops down through the centre of the drum and on out of the shredder.

As the blades are held at either end they can be made very strong and don’t need to move at such high speed.  Consequently these shredders are pretty quiet – 89dB.  That’s about a third of the noise from a typical impact shredder.

Unlike with crusher shredders there is no chance of the blades clogging up – green waste is cut and drops through the turbine drum.

OK, so much with the description on how they work but, are they any good?  We’ll get on to that but for now here are the technical details.

Enough review. I want to buy the Bosch AXT 25TC now.

Technical Details

Where different the AXT 25TC details are given in brackets

  • 2500 Watt induction motor
  • 45 mm branch cutting diameter
  • 230kg per hour throughput
  • 89dB(A)
  • Weight 30.5 kg
  • 53 litre collection box
  • 650Nm torque
  • 41rpm cutting speed
  • 4 metre cable length
  • Touch pad control panel with “pulse” reverse
  • 2 years parts and labour guarantee

Manufacturers Description

“A 3 in 1 universal shredder for all your shredding needs. The powerful 2500 Watt induction motor significantly increases throughput to 230kg per hour whilst minimizing blockages. The touch pad control panel also helps prevent blocking via its “pulse” reverse mechanism, making the shredder easier to operate and control.

This innovative turbine cutting system is designed to shred large volumes of branches, shrubs and green material of up to 45mm in diameter. It also features a 53 litre collection box with a patented interlocking mechanism to make handling and storing shredded material simple and safe. It also includes a patented detachable hopper for convenient self-feeding and compact storage.”

Enough review. I want to buy the Bosch AXT 23TC now.

The Good

The Bosch 25TC (and its now discontinued sibling – teh AXT 23TC) models are a distinct improvement on both the usual crusher and impact type shredders.  They chop waste material more finely than crusher shredders and unlike impact shredders, do not jam on even knotty branches right up to the maximum allowable diameter.

Trust us – 45mm is getting up to small log size.  It is quite something to put something of that diameter through an electric garden shredder.

These shredders seem very quiet in operation and certainly seem to live up to their quoted noise figures.  You won’t have to use ear defenders which can be real boon on a hot summer day.

The ability to shred bigger branches undoubtedly has something to do with the higher throughputs these machines can achieve. We always look at the manufacturers quoted throughput figures with a touch of scepticism – after all, you are trying to push all of your cuttings and waste through a slot that is much smaller than most letterboxes.  However, the Bosch AXT 25TC seems to happily cope with pretty large shredding jobs.  Some of this might be down to the feed hopper which seems much easier to feed than other shredders.

As with all Bosch products the 25TC seems solid and well built.  If you do have a problem Bosch’s customer service is excellent.

Enough review. I want to buy the Bosch AXT 23TC now.

The Not so Good

I think we have to address the biggest shortcoming of these shredders head on.  You certainly get what you pay for but there is no escaping the fact that these machines are expensive.  You can reckon on paying at least 50% more than for an equivalent quiet/crusher shredder.  That’s likely to be more than 3 times the cost of an impact shredder.

Put another way, you could buy the Bosch AXT 2200 Rapid for your green waste and an AXT 25D for your woody waste for about the same price!  We know people who have done just this but it isn’t much of a solution for most of us.

As with quiet machines these have to be pretty solidly built to deliver the cutting power required.  Consequently these too are heavy machines.  They are also a bit top heavy so there is a tendency for them to tip over when you move them around the garden.

We have commented on the length of the supplied cable before.  Four metres may not be mean but it doesn’t allow you to reach the corners of even a relatively small garden.  Under load these machines could be drawing upwards of 10 Amp current.  Make sure you have a heavy duty, waterproof extension lead so you can easily move your shredder to where you want to do the shredding.

In operation the only complaint we here is that smaller cuttings and green waste don’t really get broken up at all.  This is likely to indicate that the cutter needs adjusting rather than be an intrinsic problem with the shredder.

Finally, while Bosch thoughtfully include a plastic plunger to help feed the machine this is just the right size for the cutter to chew.  The plunger needs to be designed not to reach so far into the machine.  It’s not really a problem though as a thickish length of branch does the job just as well.

Should you buy it?

There can be little doubt, the Bosch 25TC sets the standards against which Electric Garden Shredders should be reviewed.  When set up well it will consume vast amounts of just about any plant waste you can through at them.

For many people the only thing that should hold you back is the price.  You do get a lot for your money though and, with Bosch’s record on delivering quality products you should continue to enjoy reliable shredding for many years to come.

So, if you have a medium to larger garden, need to shred mixed woody and green garden waste, and you can afford it, choosing the Bosch AXT 25TC is going to be a great choice.

Buy the Bosch AXT 25TC now.


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6 Responses to Bosch AXT 23TC Review

  1. Helen says:

    HI. I am a single woman of smallish stature. I live mostly by myself on a two acre property with lots of bushes that need pruning and lots of falling leaves from pecan, mulberry and other trees. The Bosch machines sound great but I want to know if they can handle some leaves and also if I will be able to manage its size and weight.

    • stargaze says:

      All electric garden shredders are designed primarily for woody waste. Impact shredders cope best with greener, leafy waste. If most of your garden waste fits into this latter category you should certainly consider an impact shredder.
      The Bosch AXT 23TC will handle mixed garden waste very well. It is truly excellent on larger prunings and cuttings and it won’t clog on greener leafier waste.
      If you are primarily looking to get rid of fallen leaves I wouldn’t really suggest a shredder at all. Bag up the leaves (it takes no longer than putting them through the shredder) and seal the bags. After a month or 2 the leaves will have composted down and be ready to be added back into the garden.

    • stargaze says:

      Sorry Helen,
      You asked about the weight of the machines and whether you can handle them. I am petite too – I can easily manage any of the Bosch Shredders on level ground. Getting them up steps does need a bit of effort but is not too much trouble. They are not overly stable, and a bit top heavy, so it can be a bit of a problem if you need to move them over uneven ground.

  2. Bela says:


    Thanks for the useful review. But what about dry branches? Almost all sellers advice not to put dry branches into these machines. Did you try them on dry wood as well?


  3. ian mc says:

    I usually hire a heavy duty shredder when needed but when I saw one of these in CostCo for £220 I couldnt walk past it. Unfortunately the single…yes single! screw that holds the sideplate hinge retainer sheared off after about 1 hours light use which rendered the machine inoperable. Up until the failure occuring its was performing well and meeting all expectations. I have to say it was very disappointing considering the reputation Bosch carry.

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