Long Thorny Brambles

Tip for Getting Rid of Brambles – Needs a Quiet Shredder

As we have been doing some tidying up around the garden we have come across quite a few brambles hidden amongst our hedges.  Some of these brambles can be 20 feet or more long.

I don’t like using any of the chemical bramble killers – they all seem a bit toxic for my liking.  Instead I will cut of brambles as low to the ground (and slightly under if I can reach) and try to any remaining stem as rough cut as possible.  The vain hope is that some natural disease will be able to enter through the ragged cuts and kill the bramble that way.

That still leaves me with a great long bramble to dispose of.  No matter how you try to handle them, brambles seem well able to wrap round your hands and limbs leaving lots of small and not so small grazes and scratches.  Disposing of brambles always seems a bit of a problem too.

What we have found is that if you get the root end of the cutting fed into a quiet shredder the self feed mechanism will pull the whole bramble through quite easily.  The shredder will chop the bramble up into 1-2cm, crushed chips which you can handle pretty safely (while wearing gardening gloves of course).  Once chopped up we just throw the bramble onto the compost heap (admittedly right at the back where we don’t usually take any compost from).

We’ve had no cases of regrowth from the cuttings in the compost.  Sadly the brambles do grow back unless you can really get in and remove the roots.  That’s not usually possible when the bramble is in the middle of our hedges.

Hope this helps.

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