Bosch AXT 23TC Review Added

Bosch AXT 23TC Turbine CuttingThe Bosch AXT 23TC and the more powerful AXT 25TC are Bosch’s flagship electric garden shredders.  They use a new ‘turbine cutting’ system that is meant to be equally at home shredding soft stemmed, green waste as it is bigger, tougher, woody branches.

But is it any good?

Well for the full answer you will have to go over and take a look at our full Bosch AXT 23TC review.

However, the short answer is ‘yes’

With the turbine cutting system there is practically no chance of green waste clogging or stoppingBosch AXT 23TC Turbine Cutting the cutter.  With 8 blades there is no real chance of woody waste jamming the machine either so it does seem that Bosch have created a shredder which will cope with all types of garden plant waste.

The 23TC will happily chomp through branches up to 42mm in diameter while the 25TC has a bigger appetite and can cope with branches upto 45mm.

At 89dB these are pretty quiet machines do you shouldn’t disturb your neighbours either.

The not so good?

These things are expensive – half as much again as a similar power quiet shredder.  They are heavy too so they are not that easy to drag around your garden.

That’s about it really – there aren’t any major gripes.

Oh, perhaps we should mention that if you are unlucky enough to need to change the cutter it is going to cost you something North of £150.

I want one 😆

Go read our Bosch AXT 23TC review and make your own mind up. If you have seen enough why not go buy a Bosch AXT 23TC or better yet go for the Bosch AXT 25TC now.

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